This is the home site of the radio controlled lost model alarm. It is dedicated to provide an inexpensive but effective solution to the danger of losing downed radio controlled models due to rough terrain and other obstructions.

For questions, comments and general inquiries please send an e-mail to contact@lostmodelalarm.com.


Lost Model Alarm developed two modern but simple solutions to help recover landed out of sight radio controlled models. They are designed to work with both modern and legacy radio controlled systems.

The alarms are installed in the radio controlled models in advance. When the alarms are triggered they emit a loud beeping sound that serves as a homing beacon and guides the pilot to the landed model.

The difference between the two alarm devices is the triggering logic. The actively triggered lost model alarm device LMA-A is triggered by an explicit command either from the transmitter or the receiver's fail-safe. The passively triggered lost model alarm device LMA-P is triggered after a period of inactivity on behalf of the pilot or the receiver's fail-safe. Thus both alarms complement each other and can accommodate any radio controlled set-up. Both devices will sound the alarm if no servo signal is present from the receiver.